Is Your Advertising Working as Hard as You Are
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Is Your Advertising Working as Hard as You Are

October 26, 2018 // //
Is Your Advertising Working as Hard as You Are?

You work hard to keep your business running smoothly, and sometimes that requires the help of a team, tools and resources. When it comes to generating leads and increasing traffic, advertising is a tool that can do some of the heavy lifting. We recently compiled five compelling reasons for why businesses should include advertising in the budget, but we know that most businesses don’t have unlimited funds. Following are three questions to ask yourself or your advertising company before you sign on the line and start creating your messaging.

Does My Target Audience Match the Audience Receiving the Advertising?

The more you know your ideal customer, the more likely they are to respond to your advertising and make a purchase. Once you create target customer profiles, or buyer personas, as we say in marketing, look for advertising channels that target similar demographics, psychographics, and geographic areas to attract more of the same customers. Making sure the copy and imagery reflects your ideal customer is also key to targeting your advertising.

Can the Advertising Be Measured and Tracked?

Before signing an advertising contract, this answer needs to be a resounding “yes.” How else will you know if your advertising is actually working?

Depending on the channel, there are easy ways to track responses. Social media sites and Google AdWords have built-in analytics to help determine what is and isn’t working. But how can you measure print ads and direct mail? Include campaign specific website addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. Create a dedicated website landing page with a short and memorable address. Make it only accessible with that specific URL so you know the source of those links. For mailers, encourage potential customers to bring in or mention the piece to get a special offering. Track the redemptions and amount spent to calculate the return on investment.

Whatever way you track your advertising – keep testing and experimenting until you determine what resonates with your target audience.

Are There Case Studies/Customer Testimonials?

If case studies can be summed up in three words, it would be “problem, solution, success.” This is a chance to see the value of the advertising product, how it can grow business and accomplish your goals. Ask for case studies, customer testimonials, and supporting statistics, if available. For example, what is the client retention rate? What is the typical timeframe in which a client can start to see results? What is considered a good response? Knowing the answers to these questions may provide validation for the advertising channel and information on how this solution can potentially impact your business.

Advertising That Checks All of Your Boxes

Asking these questions can help you start thinking about prioritizing your advertising channels and finding the right places to advertise for your business. Make your advertising work harder by selecting channels that have proven they provide value for the audience you want to reach. If your audience includes affluent women in geotargeted areas, BirthdayPak is a multi-channel marketing platform that gets results. More than 1,000 businesses advertise in BirthdayPak nationwide. To take your advertising to the next level, or for more information on available franchise locations, please call 1-888-206-0083.

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